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Leaving a Legacy

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Foundations that Last

During my career I have successfully built many training functions from the ground up. 

Starting with Eli Lilly, I was tasked with creating an e-Learning function, and it was this opportunity that started my career-long interest in training technology.

I was head-hunted by UCB with the objective to create a new training function.  With a few quick wins delivered I was given the go-ahead to expand the department, so brought together three exceptional trainers, two of whom continue to take the function from strength to strength.

At Shire my task was similar to UCB, but with the expanded geography across Europe, CEE and MEA, and with the increased role into Commercial Excellence.  Again, the task was to build a function to support the rapidly expanding organisation, moving it into a global role.

beqom provided me with a complete change of industry, but once more, building a training function from the ground up.  Additionally, the training at beqom would be a revenue stream - a welcome challenge, duly accepted.


A Story of Continued Success

Time and again I speak to organisations who struggle getting their new LMS or CRM to be used following implementation.  It's understandable if they haven't involved the right people from the very start of the project.

I have implemented many different LMSs and CRMs across multiple companies and geographies, with success every time.

By applying real innovation from the first e-learning project at Eli Lilly, rolling out mobile learning using 28K dial-up modems, and before web-conferencing was widely available, I quickly embraced training technology.  

More innovation followed with the implementation of the first cloud-based system at Shire (CRM to 22 countries in just 10 weeks), while today I assist many Fortune 5000 companies to rollout the beqom application to their employees through the use of leading edge digital adoption software.



Multi-Channel, 24/7 Employee Development

For the past 20 years I have been involved in leading and innovating e-learning.  At every company I have worked at I have been able to use e-learning to enhance the learning opportunities offered to employees.  I have enjoyed bringing real innovation to organisations by implementing truly leading edge learning technologies.

e-Learning enables learning to be offered 24/7 to employees, and also offers scalable efficiencies to companies when it comes to costs for materials and return-on-investment.  

e-Learning is not is a simple case of dropping PowerPoint slides on-line, although many organisations take this approach and wonder why the pick-up of their on-line system isn't as high as they planned.  My experience can help you to avoid such pitfalls.


Forward Together

Every year beqom holds a company wide Kick-Off meeting, bringing all 150 employees together in one location.

Since 2015 I have provided the final workshop for the event, used as a way of reinforcing the message from the CEO, and delivering clarity on the company annual objectives.

Such is the success of my session, it has become an annual event, a key session for the meeting and eagerly anticipated by the employees.

I am particularly proud of these sessions because I run them entirely on my own, and also ensure that every one of the employees is able to get involved and has a role to play.

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