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beqom is an international SaaS provider, focused exclusively on managing compensation & performance for many of the Global 5000 companies

A new industry and a new challenge.  Again, the task was to establish a training function for clients and partners. 

Additionally, a priority was to up-skill our technical partners to ensure they could both sell and implement the application.

To date, beqom has never failed an implementation and I know that my training plays a major role in that success.



Now part of Takeda, Shire was a global biotechnology company focused on serving people with rare diseases and other highly specialized conditions.

Shire HGT wanted to establish a Commercial Excellence and Training function.  Once again, I was head-hunted for the role and quickly established an EU-wide training function, before being asked to expand my role internationally.

Shire moved me to Switzerland, where I was one of the first six employees to take up a position in the Swiss-based International Head Office.

Working across Europe provided me with the fantastic opportunity to work across cultures, to travel, and to learn to be more flexible in my approach.



UCB is a multinational biopharmaceutical company which focuses primarily on research and development, particularly in the fields of central nervous system disorders, inflammatory disorders, and oncology.

When UCB wanted a new Commercial Training department establishing I was head-hunted for the role, thanks to my success at Lilly.​

The first task was to create a new training function.  Quick wins were the introduction of a sales process and Sales Manager development.

Next, I was able to bring together an exception training team to expand our reach across the country, to expand the training catalogue, and provide a comprehensive training calendar.

A key part of my work at UCB was to introduce Performance Management and a Career Pathway to the Commerical teams.  I leveraged assessment centres to ensure benchmarking was completed as objectively as possible.



What a great place to build a solid foundation of skills and knowledge, and to see what good looks like so early in my career?!

A career starting in sales, then commercial management, before moving into training and e-learning.

I was lucky enough to be part of the Commercial team who took Prozac off the patent cliff - interesting times!

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